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The Revolutionary Democratic People's Republic of

Viet Kong

The socialist system of the Revolutionary Democratic People's Republic of Viet Kong is a people-centred social system in which the masses of the working people are the masters of everything and everything in society serves them. In accordance with the nature of its socialist system, the Government of Viet Kong defends and protects the interests of workers, peasants and intellectuals and all other working people who have become masters of state and society, free from exploitation and oppression.

Generalissimo: NguyenPhuTrong
last online 50 hours ago

Approval: Adored
Political System: Military Junta
Stability: Quiet
Territory: 44976 km2
Rebel Threat: None
Population: 1,001,010 people
Quality of Life: Decent
Healthcare: Decent
Literacy: 56%
Universities: 2 universities
Economic System: Free Market
Industry: 4 factories
Gross Domestic Product: $6635 million
Growth: $-88 million per month
Foreign Investment: $437k
Manufactured Goods: CLASSIFIED
Discovered Oil Reserves: 260 Mbbl
Oil Production: 14 Mbbl per month
Raw Material Production: 15 Hundred Tons per month
Raw Material: CLASSIFIED
Uranium Mines: CLASSIFIED
Official Alignment: United States
Region: Indochina
Alliance: Condor Union
Alliance Votes Recieved: 0
Voting For: Portland
Reputation: Angelic
Intelligence Agency: CLASSIFIED
Army Size: 59k active personnel
Manpower: Untapped (population allows maximum of 100k)
Equipment: Korean War surplus
Progress to next equipment level: CLASSIFIED
Training: Elite
Chemical Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Nuclear Weapons: CLASSIFIED
Wars: At peace.

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